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Adsend makes it easy to create, upload, validate and deliver your ads to publications across the globe.

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Simplify the way you deliver your print advertisements with Adsend

Using Adsend has allowed us to significantly reduce the manhours involved in distributing advertisements. We really received a positive reception and enthusiastic feedback from the staff when we established Adsend as our workflow.

JD Michaels - SVP Director Tactile Production + Creative Engineering, AMV BBDO

Mark Williams

When we first started Leedham, we looked for an advertising delivery platform that was cost-effective but could also scale as we grew. Adsend’s lack of setup or licence fees meant we could pay per send and was the perfect choice for our growing agency.

Mark Williams - Senior Designer & Design Team Leader, Leedham Creative

Danny Coleman

Not only do we have access to live accurate specifications, but all of our job tickets are now systematically created in Adsend. When approved our final file is automatically uploaded, matched to a job ticket, pre-flighted and is ready to go. This automated process saves us a HUGE amount of valuable time and ultimately allows us to run a more streamlined, efficient production studio.

Danny Coleman - Director of Creative Services, Marketforce

MIchel Ludwig

Adsend makes it so easy to get up to date advertising specifications and create ads to the exact specs. It saves us so much time searching or calling around publishers trying to get accurate specifications.

Michel Ludwig - Owner & Creative Director, Kool Kreative


Frequently Asked Questions faq-adsend

How Do I Know How Much It Will Cost To Send An Ad?

If you are sending a few ads a year - you pay a flat rate, per destination. If you plan on sending more you can choose to be a premium member, which gives you annual fee options, and free uploads for files up to 2MB.

What If I Have A Lot Of Advertisements To Send?

If you need to send a single ad to multiple destinations, you can use Adsend's "deliver to multiple destinations" mode, which allows you to add multiple destinations.  



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