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Be confident your ad will look great in every publication

  • We ensure your ads will appear in print the way you intended,
    by checking that your images have enough resolution for a sharp output, the size of your type, and that your color profiles are properly embedded.
  • Adsend helps optimize your ads for each publication. We ensure that your files are using the correct PDF versions and settings, ink weights, dimensions, bleed, trim and type areas.

Quick and Flexible Ad Delivery

  • Kick-start the uploading, preflighting and delivery process 
    with our drag-and-drop mechanism. Upload multiple files at once while you work on other tasks.
  • Work flexibly
    Adsend lets you create and save job tickets without having to upload an ad at the same time; simply go back in and upload when you are ready – or have someone else do it.
  • Spend less time filling out information during booking
    With selected publications, you can simply enter the booking number from the publisher. The system will automatically fill out key information, including publication, section, date and more.

Easy To Use

  • Ordering and uploading your materials is easy
    Our intuitive web-based interface guides you through the process – no training needed!
  • Adsend’s interface has been designed with the advertising professional in mind – it is fast and easy to navigate, and provides all the information you need, when you need it.

Be Supported All The Way

  • Highest level of support regardless your volume of sends.
    We strive to respond to all customer enquiries within an hour or less. We can also provide instant support through our knowledge base.
  • Effective support. As our support staff sit right alongside our IT and development staff, we have the resources to promptly and effectively solve any issues that may arise.
  • Here when you need us. With 99.8% service availability level and Level 3 secured data centres, we ensure you can deliver your ad whenever you need to.

Portable Cloud Based

  • All your ads are stored in the Cloud ready for you to search, download, re-send and reuse them as needed.
    • Untie yourself from the computer with our web-based interface. You can check and modify orders using your mobile devices, whether you are working from home, or on the road.
      • With cloud technology, any systems fixes are rolled out automatically. No more waiting for a technician to visit you, or having to install software updates and patches.

Always Know What Is Going On

  • Has your ad been received and approved? Are there issues with it? With instant delivery status updates, you’ll know the second your advertisement has been received by the publishers.
  • You will also be the first to know if there are any issues with the delivery. Set up customized notifications so you can get on with other work without having to worry about unexpected problems popping up.

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Extend Your Workflow

      Looking to do even more? With Adsend and its associated AdGate solution, you can integrate powerful automation and delivery capabilities into your current systems.

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