Never miss a deadline

Integrated, accelerated workflow

When it comes to crunch time, Dubsat’s automation tools fit right into your workflow, while accelerating the way you manage and deliver your ads.

Automate and organize

Our experience working with APIs and automation technology means you can seamlessly transition from media schedules and material instructions to the ordering process.

Our custom solutions integrate with your booking systems to automatically process schedules and material instructions. Depending on your needs, we can automatically convert names to your in-house conventions and add ADID/ISCI numbers.

We can also integrate with your other business systems, including booking, colour and asset management systems to achieve a fully automated production workflow that reduces inefficiencies.

Validate and accelerate

Save time on your deliveries, by grouping jobs together by campaign, ad size, client, and more.

Sending a print ad to a new destination, but unsure as to the format, dimensions and file requirements? Dubsat maintains a comprehensive database of specifications, which you can quickly look up.

For TVCs, our automated and technician-driven checks ensure your files are ready to broadcast.


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