Scheduling Your Advertising Production Schedule

Finding the time to schedule your time is often more of a chore than needed. But, organizing your advertising production schedule and workflow can be made easier by using dedicated tools, whether they are purpose-built for the individual agency, or more generally-available services and solutions.

It's easy to pick a product, but be sure to find the solution that works for you and your team members - finding the right one will help your advertising workflow and save you time. Here are a few that caught our eye:

Float: Includes a drag-and-drop interface for modifying tasks as circumstances change. Works around time off and annual holidays, and can generate reports and personal schedules for each person in the studio.

Tip: Take advantage of their skill tagging – this allows you to keep a track of valuable skills of each employee i.e. photoshop skills.

Traffic Live: An online studio management software which, among other things, integrates time logging with scheduling. It also has the functionality to manage the talent in the studio, pulling on information like individual availability and skills to detect the right person to assign to a given job. Allows easy and flexible re-organization of tasks according to shifting priorities.

Tip: TrafficLive works across all departments, including finance and business development. Helping to keep all of the assets in one place.

Schedule App: A relatively basic system that allows you to add projects and assign staff and resources to the projects. Staff receive scheduled reminders of their tasks via email.

Tip: Make use of the dedicated price plans - so you only pay for what you need.

Projectplace: An comprehensive suite that includes project management, document collaboration and communications functionalities. Allows drag-and-drop task management, and has a visual interface to keep track of multiple projects and their progress.

Tip: Download their app for iPhone/Android so you are kept-up-to date whilst on the go.

Brightpod: Is a web-based scheduling service that allows each user to assign and schedule tasks that fit within a dedicated workflow (or pod as they call them).  Members involved in a dedicated pod can leave notes to members, and attach documents - you are then notified via email.

Tip: Their pod functionality allows you to label either each project with a specific color or a user – helping you keep a track when in calendar view.

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