Deadline-beating efficiency

Insert speed into your workflow

When it comes to crunch time, Dubsat’s suite of tools fits right into your workflow, while accelerating the way you manage and track your incoming advertising material.

Ready to air

Spend less time and effort chasing materials and contacting senders. Our comprehensive QC processes mean every ad is checked by experienced technicians during delivery.

All incoming advertisements will have the correct file type, luminance, frame rates, audio levels and broadcast legality to meet your exact specifications, ready to be slotted into your play-out workflow.

That means less time going back and forth with advertisers and their post-production companies.

Easily distribute ads to your internal workflow

Our solutions are flexible and fit around the way you work. Want incoming materials to be pushed to a designated FTP server? Sure. Want to download it yourself from a web-based or desktop interface? Can do!

For broadcasters or aggregators with multiple content delivery destinations, our powerful desktop application can enable you to easily manage what content goes where. You can easily see all the incoming advertisements, add house numbers and identifiers and deliver to the right destination at the click of a button.


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