Manage your media

Easily organise and manage all your advertising assets in one intuitive interface

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Organise your content with powerful tagging options

Easily organise and index your content with our powerful tagging system. Tag and search advertisements by campaign, product, destinations, talent, frame rate, and more.


MediaFront pulls in Metadata from other Dubsat applications to auto-tag your content with tags like campaign, product, destinations, key number, CAD number and more.

Batch tagging

MediaFront allows you to add tags to batches of similar content assets in one go, simplifying the process of tagging your assets.

Tagging Presets

Got a set of tags you use often? Create a preset which can be easily applied to a content asset in one click.

See all delivery jobs in progress

With MediaFront you can easily see all the delivery jobs in progress, allowing you to keep a close eye on your production schedule.

Delivery Status

Easily see the status of all of your outstanding jobs, including those awaiting material, scheduled and delivered.

Delivery Priority

Know when your content will arrive at it’s destination by seeing delivery priority (1 hour, 4 hour, overnight or 2 days)

Instant Playback

Instantly view any of the advertisements waiting in the delivery queue to make sure you’re happy with it

Utilise the content

Easily download advertisements in the delivery queue in a variety of formats or generate storyboards, view captions and more.

See all destinations a particular advertisement was delivered too

With MediaFront, you can easily see all destinations a particular advertisement was delivered too, allowing you to keep track of where your advertisements went to air.

Easily keep track of:


Easily see a list of all destinations a particular advertisement was delivered to.

Delivery Status

See the current delivery status of every advertisement to every station.

Delivery Date

See the date each advertisement was delivered to each station

Expiry Date

See the date at which the content is no longer accessible by the station (only works if an expiry date was set upon delivery)

Easily rebook content to destinations

Have an ad that was particularly successful for you? Easily rebook one or multiple content assets to destinations from within MediaFront.

Book multiple spots with the Spot Cart

Just like an eCommerce site, the Spot Cart lets you browse your content library adding assets to your cart. Once you’re done, simply proceed to ‘checkout’ and select the destinations each spot should be delivered to.