Simplify the way you deliver your broadcast advertising

MediaPro makes it easy to upload, quality check, deliver and repurpose your TV, cinema and radio advertisements.


What’s possible with MediaPro?



Easily upload your advertisements with drag and drop functionality and accelerated uploads.

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Quality Check

Ensure your advertisements go to air the way you intended with our comprehensive QC process.

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Easily deliver your advertisements to multiple TV, cinema and radio destinations in one click.

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Easily repurpose your advertisements in a variety of formats, including web, mobile, DVD, powerpoint & more.

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Cameron Craig - Director @ 2C Films.

By using MediaPro, I am no longer chained to my desk to do a final play out and sending of a tape. The cloud-based system means I can be overseas or interstate on shoots and still easily upload, quality check and deliver my clients advertisements to any station. This not only saves me time, but allows me to be more responsive to my clients needs, which fosters better relationships in the long run.

Cameron Craig - Director @ 2C Films.

Over 250 destinations and counting

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With Australia’s largest network of destinations, MediaPro truly is the only broadcast delivery platform you need.