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Cloud-technology helped this production company deliver TVCs from anywhere in the world

Cameron Craig is one of the “funniest ad men” in Australia. Or should we say, he works on some of the funniest ads around. With A-List Entertainment (who manage comedians such as Carl Barron, Jimeoin, Arj Barker, Anh Do & The Umbilical brothers) being one of his major commercial clients, he gets to sit through hours of the funniest content and live shows to create his TVCs. As director of 2c films, a Sydney based production company, he specializes in all forms of video production including TV advertisements, corporate videos and event videography with clients such as Expedia, Unilever, EA Games, Ironman and The Color Run.

2c films pty ltd

The Challenges

With 10 years in the industry, he’s been a MediaPro customer through the transition from physical to digital delivery of TVCs and content. Before the digital era he recalls delivering TVCs was a highly manual, time consuming process that tied him to his desk in Sydney a large portion of the time.

“TVC delivery was all tape based, so a finished commercial needed dubbing to DV/Digi and delivery to the Dubsat office by courier or by hand. There was also the hand written booking form to complete, so then you needed to find a pen!” said Cameron “I was lucky to be near the Dubsat building at the time, so there were many 4:55pm sprints up the road followed by a breathless hello when I hit the office”.

While he was always welcome in the office, this manual process presented an issue for Cameron, who was occasionally overseas or interstate on shoots. It meant he had to be at his desk in Sydney to do the final play out to tape and posting, and therefore had to be much more meticulous about planning and scheduling his time.

How MediaPro helped

MediaPro’s all-digital, cloud-based approach to advertising delivery has revolutionised the way Cameron works and now allows him to upload, quality check and deliver advertisements from anywhere in the world.

“MediaPro’s web-based approach has allowed me to deliver advertisements from anywhere in the world at any time” said Cameron “I can be overseas or interstate on a shoot, edit the commercial on a laptop and deliver it without ever leaving my hotel room”.

He also added “I find MediaPro’s staff are always on hand and very responsive. However the MediaPro software is a pretty handy staff member in itself for checking, reviewing and fixing TVCs where required.”

Aside from the time savings and conveniences of digital delivery, it’s also meant that he can be more responsive to his clients needs. If a client needed a last minute change, he can have the new edit done and delivered within a matter of hours, even if he’s not in the country

All up, MediaPro saves Cameron huge amounts of time by streamlining the delivery of content to stations, and frees him from his desk by allowing him to upload, quality check and deliver advertisements anywhere, at any time.

Cameron Craig - Director 2c films

By using MediaPro, I am no longer chained to my desk to do a final play out and sending of a tape.
The cloud-based system means I can be overseas or interstate on shoots and still easily upload, quality check and deliver my clients advertisements to any station. This not only saves me time, but allows me to be more responsive to my clients needs, which fosters better relationships in the long run.

Cameron Craig - Director

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