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Helping Australia’s largest infomercial developers save time and money on TVC delivery

Danoz Direct is one of the world’s largest “As seen on TV” product and infomercial developers, headquartered in Canada.

Every day they air over 60 hours of advertising and reach over 350,000 consumers through free-to-air and pay TV stations across Australia.
That’s 120 half hour ads and hundreds of short form ads each day.

danoz direct

The Challenges

Airing over 60 hours of advertising a day is no mean feat and used to take a significant amount of time and resources.

Before using MediaPro, Danoz Direct would play out their TVCs to tape and send them via post to each individual station. Not only was this a hugely labour intensive process, but the time it took for the advertisements to arrive at the station meant deliveries had to be meticulously planned out.

“Previously we would have to send ads to the stations on a digi tape or a DVD. It used to take at least 48 hours,” says Danielle Lamour, Production Manager at Danoz Direct. “Many times the DVDs and tapes would go missing, which would cost us even more time.”

How Dubsat helped

By using MediaPro’s cloud-based services to deliver their TVCs, they can simply drag and drop files into the MediaPro system from their computer and they’re delivered to the station within 4 hours. By removing the manual play out and postage, Danoz Direct have saved over 10 hours of labour each week and cut the delivery average delivery time from 48 hours to 4 hours.

On top of this, by doing away with costly tapes and postage, Danoz Direct estimate they have been able to $50 per advert delivered.

“MediaPro is a service that we could not do without,” Danielle says. “Our business not only saves time and money but is able to produce ads at a faster rate than we were ever able to do in the past.”

danoz direct

Dubsat provides a service we could not do without. Our business not only saves time and money but is able to produce ads at a faster rate than ever. Dubsat has changed the way we function. The staff are very friendly and helpful and I have no idea where we would be without their services.

Danielle Lamour - Production Manager

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