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Helping reduce inefficiencies for a busy broadcast production company

Digital Impact Productions is a production company based in Albury, NSW. With a team of two, they create both TVCs and corporate/promotional videos for clients in the local region.

They also produce all the content for video website Digital Farm TV, an online destination showcasing the advances that are shaping food, wool and cotton production throughout Australia.

digital impact productions

The Challenges

A 25 year veteran in the industry, Tony can still remember the days when he had to play all his TVCs out to tape and then physically drive them over to the stations.

“Before using MediaPro, I was playing all my commercials out to tape and then driving them to the different stations all over town” explained Tony.  “They would then ingest them and send me back the tape and I’d start the process all over again with the next commercial”

Although Albury is a regional town, some of the stations were more 15-20 minutes away so he was spending up to 40 minutes of unproductive time away from his studio.

How MediaPro helped

With MediaPro, Tony no longer has to spend his valuable time driving back and forth across town to drop off TVCs to stations. Instead, he simply exports his TVC as a digital file and then drops it into the MediaPro - the ad TVC delivery system.

‘With MediaPro, I no longer have to be drive all around town dropping off tapes to stations” says Tony ‘I simply export it out of the editing program and drag and drop it into MediaPro. This saves me 30 – 40 minutes each job of unproductive, unbillable time’

With so much time saved on each job, Tony and his team can focus their time and energy on doing what they do best… creating brilliant TV commercials that drive results for their clients.

Tony Grace – Manager

Before using MediaPro, we use to play out TVC’s to tape and physically drive them to stations. Now, we simply drag and drop them into MediaPro and away they go. This saves us at least 15-20 minutes each job.

Tony Grace – Manager

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