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Helping give extra editing time back to a busy broadcast producer

Public Image Productions is a production company based in Ballina, NSW. With a team of two, they create both TVCs and corporate/promotional videos for clients in the local region.

Public Image Productions

The Challenges

A MediaPro customer from the start, Public Image Productions used to play out all their commercials to tape and then courier them over to the stations.

“Before using MediaPro, I was playing all my commercials out to tape and sending them by courier to the different stations” says Nick Breen-Kurucsev, Owner of Public Image Productions “Because you had to allow for that extra day of travel time, there was less time allowed for editing and sometimes things got a little tight”

With high-profile clients and such a short-turnaround time, it’s critical that everything in their production department is streamlined and efficient to ensure they can produce the output their clients expect of them.

How MediaPro helped

With MediaPro, Public Image Productions no longer has to factor a day of transit time into their scheduling, or make allowances for any issues that may come up.

‘With MediaPro, I can be editing almost up to the material submission deadline then simply drop the file into MediaPro and off it goes” says Nick ‘And with the QC process done before delivery, I know that when the TVC reaches the broadcaster it’s going to be ready to go to air.’

With this streamlined TVC delivery process giving them precious editing time back, they are able to spend less time on mundane admin functions and more time creating the kind of great advertisements that drive repeat business and referrals.

Nick Breen-Kurucsev - Owner

With MediaPro, I get a whole extra day worth of editing time that I didn’t have before. This helps my scheduling and workflow significantly and ensures I can get great advertisements out on time for my clients, which is what drives my business.

Nick Breen-Kurucsev - Owner

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