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The Stadium is a Sydney-based creative agency specialising in multi platform sports integration and production. They produce multiple TVCs for a number of high profile sports organisations.

the stadium

The Challenges

As is the nature of sport advertising, the team at The Stadium frequently have to create and despatch TVC’s on a short turnaround.

“Our clients often brief us on what they want to advertise based on the past weekends results” says Michael Saad, Producer at The Stadium. “We then have a very short turnaround time to edit a TVC, get it approved by CAD and despatch it to the networks so that it can go to air in time for next weekends games”

With high-profile clients and such a short-turnaround time, it’s critical that everything in their production department is streamlined and efficient to ensure they can produce the output their clients expect of them.

How MediaPro helped

Unlike other advertising delivery systems which require producers to edit together the TVC, clapper, and countdown into one movie file, MediaPro just requires you to upload the TVC and a JPEG image of the clapper and it takes care of the rest.

‘From a production perspective, having to edit together my TVC with the clapper, countdown and black is time-consuming and un-necessary” says Michael ‘With MediaPro, I simply export the file and drop it into the MediaPro desktop application along with a JPEG of the clapper and it takes care of the rest for me’

This streamlined method of operation saves Michael 10+ minutes of editing per commercial and with tight deadlines and multiple commercials on the go at one time, it’s a key factor in helping The Stadium produce the kind of high quality, fast-turnaround work their clients love them for.

Michel Saad - Producer

Working with the likes of the NRL, V8 Supercars and Tom Waterhouse, we often have to produce commercials with super quick turnaround times. MediaPro’s streamlined workflow helps us ensure we get commercials on air in record time, and our clients love us for that.

Michel Saad - Producer

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