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Thru A Lens Media is a production agency based in Toowoomba in Queensland. With a team of four, they create both TVCs and corporate/promotional videos for an array of clients in both the Toowoomba region and the wider Brisbane area.

thru a lens media

The Challenges

Before starting Thru A Lens Media, Kris Woldt – Director of Thru A Lens Media – was Commercial Director at Channel 7. Having previously worked with another advertising delivery company during his time at 7, he wasn’t happy with the level of service they were providing and found them difficult to deal with.

“When I started Thru A Lens Media, I knew I wanted to work with a different advertising delivery company as I simply wasn’t getting the level of service and support I needed’ says Kris.

How MediaPro helped

When he launched Thru A Lens Media, Kris signed up for a MediaPro account and has never looked back.

‘“The customer service team are always super helpful, not only are they really friendly, but they genuinely care about their customers" explains Kris. 

"They go above and beyond to help diagnose what the issue with a particular advertisement might be. Their knowledge and experience is critical in getting any little issues resolved and ensuring our advertisements get delivered on-time, every-time.”

With a successful, growing business and a rather impressive social media following, Kris is not only happy he made the jump into his own business, but that he made the jump to MediaPro.

Kris Woldt – Company Director

As a long time MediaPro customer, I cannot speak highly enough about the level of customer service and support they provide. Their team are not only friendly, but they go above and beyond to help me and my team with any issues that arise with the TV commercials we are delivering.

Kris Woldt – Company Director

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