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One ad, many destinations

  • Use our intuitive interface for TVC delivery and deliver multiple destinations at the same time easily, with a minimum number of steps.
  • For any given advertisement, you can pick any mixture of TV, cinema and online-publications and even destinations in different countries.
  • Create reusable booking templates you can spend less time on repetitive booking tasks.

Always know what’s going on

  • Schedule your broadcast ad delivery and check on the status of a previous booking, wherever you are, with our web- or desktop-based interfaces.
  • Book a delivery and park it so a contractor or other staff member can fulfill the material later.
  • Quickly order captioning for your TVC, and review them before sending.

Don’t wait for uploads

  • Need your TVC on air in a hurry? It’s fast and easy to start uploading your HD and SD material, with our drag-and-drop desktop interface.
  • Dealing with multiple TVCs? You can queue up multiple files to upload in the background. You remain in control, with the ability to pause, prioritize and resume uploads any time.
  • Need to deliver to both SD and HD stations, but don’t have time to make a SD master? Just supply the HD file – we’ll deliver the HD version to the native HD broadcasters, and downconvert and optimize it for SD stations. 

Be certain your ad looks great

  • We inspect your TVC to make sure it complies with broadcast standards, and has the required safe areas, and that it has complete and correct clapper information. 
  • Our expert technicians inspect your material for quality issues like loss of detail, double frames, pixilation combing effects, audio distortion, and pops and clicks. 
  • With human eyes and ears inspecting your ad, we’ll pick up any problems, even those that automated test systems overlook. If we find any issues, you’ll be the first to know. 

Never worry about downtime

  • Our powerful delivery network has a 99.8% service uptime, so you can securely and reliably deliver your ads, whenever you’re ready.
  • Your advertisements and data are safe with us. With Level 3 datacenter infrastructure in place, we offer the same world-class security as the world’s best banks.
  • Know where your ads are, all the time. Our system lets you see the status of ads being sent. We can even send you delivery alerts.

Control your costs

  • Sneak through those last-minute bookings, or save money on deliveries that are less urgent. Do you want delivery in 1 hour, 4 hours, overnight or in 2 days? It’s entirely up to you.
  • You’ll always know what your delivery costs are. We charge no hidden fees and you can generate and download an estimate of costs for approval before delivery.
  • MediaPro lets you work on your advertisements with other people on your team. Control what other users can and cannot do with our powerful user permissions system. 

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Easy asset management

  • Search through your ads by client name, title, key number, booking dates, campaigns, CAD numbers and more. 
  • Play them back, go through them frame by frame, generate storyboards, or download them. You can even download the caption scripts, complete with timecodes.
  • Repurpose your TVCs by re-sending them, or convert and download them in formats suited for mobile, email, presentations and further editing.

Reliable, human support

  • Search through our comprehensive knowledge base, or quickly reach our support team via the phone, over email, or by using the live chat feature available on the website. 
  • We strive to respond to all customer enquiries within an hour or less. Whether you are a casual or professional user, we provide the highest level of support personalized for your situation.
  • Our support staff are located in our offices in Australia and sit right alongside our IT and development staff, meaning we have the resources to promptly solve any issues that may arise.

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