Adsend upgrade enhances functionality,stability and validation

We are excited to announce a major update to the Adsend service, which uses cutting-edge technology to speed up your work, and ensure your ads go to print in the best possible quality. Read on for some details about how this upgrade will enhance your experience.


Here at Dubsat, we know how important it is for you to ensure your ads look perfect when they are printed.

At the same time, technology continues to advance, allowing use to deliver greater stability and convenience to our valued customers.

This update ensures the Adsend platform runs on the latest technology, providing you with the quality and speed you need to be competitive in today's hectic world.

Here's a quick round-up of how this upgrade affects you:

Improved file validation capabilities

Printing and publication technology continues to evolve in today's digital world.

With Adsend, you can be sure that your ads are reproduced in the best possible way in today's latest publication workflows. With this latest upgrade to our internal media production workflow engine, you can ensure this continues to be the case.

Adsend now runs the latest available PDF validation engine technology. The quality control capabilities of this system will ensure we deliver the best quality PDF files possible.

Improved user experience

With ad dispatch often happening close to deadline, we know the importance of having a delivery platform which has minimal downtime and which is fast, easy to use, yet powerful.

This upgrade to Adsend brings enhanced functionality, and improved platform stability. This will allow greater productivity and a smoother ad dispatch workflow for you.


Thanks to the feedback from our users, we are constantly improving our services to ensure they cater to your ever-evolving workflow.

Because Adsend is cloud-based, the platform enhancements are automatic: you will not need to take any action to benefit from the improvements and upgrades. Simply log in to the Adsend service, and experience for yourself our improved capabilities.

Optionally, you can also download and install our Adsend plugin for Adobe CC2014 and CC2015, and find out first hand how it can enhance your print advertising production, export and delivery work.

Sarah Pern