It’s time to make HD advertising standard

We have significantly reduced the prices of HD deliveries, across both our premium customers, and our standard “pay as you go” rates. HD deliveries have never been this accessible.

But why?

At Dubsat, we are focused on just one thing: we want to ensure your ads look their best on air. It’s a simple statement – some will say a tag line – but it is also a promise and a core principle behind our services. And we go to great lengths to uphold this promise.

With our own background in production, we know how much effort is put into producing, shooting and editing television commercials.

This is why the transition from standard definition to high definition television broadcasts is something we are very interested in.

Not only would HD broadcasts improve the enjoyment of people relaxing at home, but they would ensure your message gets across loud and clear to your audience in the clearest, most pristine manner.

HD advertising deliveries: now more attractive than ever before

Moving from SD to HD will make a marked difference in the quality of your ads on air.  To encourage this transition, we have worked hard with the aim of ensuring that our HD ad deliveries would be the most affordable in the market by 2016.

What does this mean? Simply put, we have significantly reduced the prices of HD deliveries, across both our premium customers, and our standard “pay as you go” rates.

HD deliveries have never been this accessible, and we encourage you to experience the difference in quality by uploading your TVCs to us in HD.

The move away from SD

We think it’s time Standard Definition stops being the standard option. The Broadcasting Legislation Amendment (Primary Television Broadcasting Service) Bill 2015 is the first step towards this.

The amendment removes anachronistic legislation under which free-to-air broadcasters had to provide their primary television service in standard definition. Broadcasters now have the option to move their primary station to HD, and start delivering content, sports, and – yes – advertising in much higher, clearer quality.

Already, channels like ABC1, SBS1, Seven, Nine, Winn, Ten, Prime, Southern Cross, and more, are taking up the HD mantle.

And it makes sense to move to HD, because the audience has already made the switch. High-definition television equipment is now virtually ubiquitous in Australian homes.

Newspoll conducted a survey in February 2014, after the nation had switched over to digital TV. This survey found that 96 percent of all households had a main TV or set-top box capable of receiving HD content. With the continuing march of technology, this number can only grow.

Dubsat: quality is our business

Encouraging HD deliveries by removing the affordability barrier is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to quality. When you deliver your ads through us, behind the scenes:

  • Our in-house TV technicians check your ad for visual and sound issues before it goes to air.
  • Our IT and solutions development teams are constantly exploring the latest technologies to make sure your ads are transcoded and delivered in their best possible quality.
  • We engage with broadcasters and legislators on a regular basis to ensure we are on the cutting edge when it comes to delivering quality.
Sarah Pern