YANGAROO partnership gives MediaPro users even more destination choices


We are growing our destination choices, thanks to our new partnership with YANGAROO that will provide users with access to more than 16,000 additional destinations in North America.

The Dubsat-YANGAROO partnership means MediaPro users will be able to seamlessly manage and deliver advertising spots across an additional 16,000 television and radio destinations throughout North America.

This partnership means expanded choice for those who prefer to simplify their advertising management systems, with one single unified space for managing and dispatching advertising spots, while ensuring your content gets to where it needs to be quickly, securely and in the right format.

“Through a single browser interface, Dubsat’s customers, both local and abroad, may now seamlessly access YANGAROO’s wide-ranging network of radio and television destinations in the US and Canada,” said Grant Schuetrumpf, CEO of Dubsat.

“This service interoperability directly increases customer value as we extend our solution capability and offering in the North American market.”

Sarah Pern