Quality and speed: choose both

Achieve the best quality for your clients

In today’s high-definition world, the quality of the final results can be the difference between a happy client and a lost account.

We know the measures you take during production and post-production to ensure the highest quality material throughout your workflow.

Dubsat is committed to ensuring your advertising materials, regardless of medium, are reproduced, broadcast and published in the highest quality. How do we do this?

Quality checks by technicians

When you deliver your materials through our systems, we do more than run them through our automated checking systems: our skilled and experienced technicians will also examine your material for any potential issues, including:


  • Broadcast-legal black and white levels
  • Artefacts like blockiness, glitches, jerkiness, pixilation and blurriness
  • Double frames
  • Aliasing (jagged edges)
  • Frame blending
  • Combing effects


  • OP-59 compatibility
  • Channel balance
  • Audio levels
  • Synchronization
  • Audio phasing issues
  • Pops, clicks and distortion
  • Required frames of silence
  • Audio dropouts


  • Compliant with standards
  • Correct dimensions for selected ad
  • Printer-reproducible colours and elements
  • Appropriate ink weight
  • Publisher-compliant file formatting
  • All fonts present
  • Artwork is in high-enough resolution

Optional technical corrections

Resolve any issues and ensure smooth deliveries, thanks to built-in correction services offered by MediaPro and Adsend.

MediaPro can adjust your audio to be compliant with the relevant local audio standards.

Adsend can automatically correct your files to remove unnecessary colour profiles, fix PDF version issues, and resolve issues with spot colors, ink weight, and transparency.

Highest fidelity

MediaPro delivers HD and SD materials in the best bit rate and quality within the industry.

Dubsat works closely with broadcasters to ensure that what is presented to air is the closest possible replication of your original master.


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