Speed through quality

Every ad pre-flighted and ready for insertion

Spend less time and effort chasing materials and correcting non-compliant PDF files.

Dubsat is committed to ensuring all incoming advertising materials are reproducible in print in the highest quality.

Adsend checks and fixes all advertisements that you receive through our system, according to the requirements and specifications you have set out for each publication, so they are ready for insertion and printing.

Quality checks by technicians

The team at Adsend runs all incoming PDFs from your advertisers and customers through our automated checking systems, but here’s the Dubsat difference: our skilled and experienced technicians will also examine the material for any potential issues, including:

  • Compliance with the relevant colour management standards
  • Correct dimensions for the selected ad slot
  • Printer-reproducible colours and elements
  • Appropriate ink weight
  • Compliance with your specified file formatting
  • All fonts present
  • Artwork is in high-enough resolution

Optional technical corrections

Adsend also offers built-in correction tools and services, which can automatically correct incoming files to:

  • Remove unnecessary colour profiles
  • Fix PDF version issues
  • Resolve issues with spot colors, ink weight, and transparency


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