Save time preparing files for broadcast

Dubsat’s integrated suite of tools can increase efficiency by simplifying how you receive and process advertising material.

Spend less time on quality checking and chasing materials

Effortlessly ensure that all incoming files are checked and corrected so they fit smoothly into the way you work. Have full control over the way the metadata is packaged, as well as the video, audio and caption formats and specifications.

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Make the most of your materials

Get a grasp of all your advertising materials, whether they are pending for delivery, or archived in your libraries. Search and manage files by agency, campaign, key number, CAD number and other attributes.

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Be confident that your materials will be accessible when you need them

In today’s 24/7 environment, don’t risk any downtime. Always have access to the files and the ad deliveries you need, when you need them, thanks to dedicated networks that are stringently monitored to assure maximum uptime.